At this moment, most people are staying home. And yes, you are inside, so you must be really careful concerning the cleaning and disinfection of everything. But if you have a patio, a garden or other areas inside the house that are created outdoor environments, they should be often washed, thus helping not to spread dirt, bacteria, and viruses. Therefore, let´s talk about the differences between soft washing and pressure washing.

Pressure washing, on one hand, removes dirt from a surface by the use of highly pressurized water. It is used for facades and big surfaces, and they have to resist the high pressure of the water. The effect is very effective in terms of cleaning, but it also brings risks to the weaker parts of the surface, such as painted points. Use it only for big surfaces, such as your patio´s floor.

Soft washing, on the other hand, changes pressure for chemical products. They are safe for you and your family and are the right ones for your home´s indoor areas.

In short, use pressure for surfaces like the following:

Paved patios, brick, stone, walkways, driveways and concrete surfaces.

And use soft washing for:

Stucco, lanais, screened enclosures, wood, panels, interior walls, ceilings, and floors.

These days, products such as bleach, hypochlorite, and chlorine are in order. Please make sure you have a good reserve of them, and do not forget water and soap, as the latter is the most effective way to keep surfaces, and yourself, safe and healthy!

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