Photo by Gratisography from Pexels

We all know for a fact that oil from our cars can leak. And, we also make a mess whenever we change the oil to maintain our cars. This can really leave a mess in our garage, especially on the concrete floor. This can be true for most people especially people who love to work on cars.

If you want to clean your garage’s concrete floor, the traditional way is to get down on your knees and give the floor a good scrubbing. You will also need to use soap or detergents as well as chemical degreasers in order for you to make the job a little bit easier.

The problem with chemical degreasers is that they are very dangerous. In fact, you should avoid as much skin contact possible whenever you use chemical degreasers. Also, you will never avoid inhaling the harmful and toxic fumes that chemical degreasers emit.

So, just how do you clean your greasy and dirty garage floor?

For this job, you may want to take a look at pressure washers. However, you shouldn’t just use any pressure washers. The pressure washer perfect for degreasing and cleaning applications would be one with high water temperatures or superheated steam feature. It should also have high flow rates and high-pressure levels to really get grease and grime off the concrete floor.

With a pressure washer, you will see that cleaning your garage’s concrete floor will be a lot easier. You don’t have to spend a lot of hours scrubbing, wiping, washing, and using those harmful chemical degreasers.

And, cleaning a garage floor filled with grease and grime can be so difficult that cleaning it the old way will only let you spend a lot of time cleaning while accomplishing very little.

If you need to use degreasing chemicals, it is advisable that you use green chemicals. Green chemicals can really help clean off greasy or oily deposits stuck on your garage floor. And, the best thing about green chemicals is that they are safe and are non-toxic. They are also eco-friendly. And, when used with a pressure washer, green degreasing chemicals will surely get the job done.

It is not advisable to use cold water pressure washers. Doing so will eventually transform the greasy deposits into hard and waxy clumps, which are far more difficult to clean off.

This is why you need to get a pressure washer that ejects water at very high pressure. It should also have a high flow rate. 3 gallons per minute is recommended but you can always go for more. For the water pressure, it should be at least 2000 pounds per square inch or more. The pressure washer should also eject water at high temperatures. This can really help soften and loosen grease off your garage floor. If it is possible, go for pressure washers that eject superheated steam with temperatures going up to 330 degrees Fahrenheit.

Cleaning your garage floor will be a lot easier with a pressure washer with high temperature, high pressure, and high flow rate. It will make the job so easy and so efficient that your garage floor will eventually look immaculate after you finish.