Before, most people would arm themselves with a hand brush, a bucket, detergents or cleaning chemicals, and a garden hose in order for them to clean a particular surface. We know that this takes a lot of time and it’s also hard work to clean this way. This is why you will want to use a pressure washer.

Basically, pressure washers are mechanical devices that use highly pressurized water to clean almost any type of surface. Pressure washers are very effective in removing mold, dust, mud, dirt, and grime from surfaces or objects, such as vehicles, buildings, concrete, and even wood deck.

To make it short, a pressure washer is basically a garden hose on steroids.

However, although pressure washers will enable you to clean surfaces a lot easier, the power of the stream of water coming out of this machine can inflict damage if it is not used properly. This is why you have to learn a few techniques in using a pressure washer. Doing so will help in letting you do the job a lot quicker and you also won’t risk injuring yourself or other people around you.

Before you actually start using the pressure washer, you may want to read and follow the guidelines set by the manufacturer. Each type of pressure washer model is different and you have to follow the directions specified by the manufacturer in order for you to operate it safely and effectively.

Now that you are ready to use the pressure washer, the first thing that you need to do is to assess your cleaning project and develop a plan. If you are going to wash the siding or your fence, you may want to work from top to bottom. And, if you are working on your patio deck or your driveway, work downhill. You should also consider covering breakable things, such as windows, vents, and light fixtures.

The next step is to select a nozzle or a tip for the project. The nozzles are attached at the end of the pressure washer wand, which is connected by a hose directly to the pump of the pressure washer. The nozzle will determine the pressure, which is very much like putting your thumb on a garden hose. So, the smallest angle or opening will deliver more pressure or power.

Next is to decide if you are going to use chemicals during the cleaning process. Most pressure washers have an injector or a special nozzle where you will be able to add detergents or chemical degreasers to the pressure spray. Adding cleaning chemicals will help make the entire cleaning project easier to do but you should always consult the manual in order for you to select the right chemical solution and also know how to add the chemicals in your pressure washer.

Before you begin or turn on the machine, consider putting on protective goggles and gloves. You should also wear jeans and a raincoat. If the motor runs loud, you can consider wearing earplugs or protective headphones.

You should also check all the connections. A loose nozzle can become a projectile, which can eventually damage property or even injure people. For example, imagine washing your car with the pressure washer. The nozzle was loose and it flew off the wand hitting your windshield. This is really not a pretty sight so always make sure that the connections are tight and secure.

Then, start the pressure washer and test the spray. Do this with the nozzle facing away from the object or surface you want to clean. Then, slowly point the wand towards the object or surface to start cleaning it.

These are some of the few techniques that you have to learn when using pressure washers. Keep in mind that you should always put the safety on top of your priority. A pressure washer should be considered as a powerful tool in line with chainsaws and electrical drills.

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