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What are High-temperature pressure washers for?  After a great backyard cookout with your family and friends, you find that your backyard patio floor is filled with hard to remove grease and stain. You find yourself wondering how you can ever remove the grime and grease without spending a lot of time or working too hard.

Normally, we would treat it with harsh chemicals along with scrubbing and time-consuming labor. This is the traditional way of cleaning this kind of a mess and it’s really not safe because of the harsh chemicals involved and it’s also very hard work.

This is why you will definitely want to use a pressure washer. However, you have to remember that you shouldn’t just use any type of pressure washer. You have to get the one that is designed to have features that will do the job well. It should provide you with super hot steam temperature, high flow rates and also high-pressure levels.

Having this kind of pressure washer will let you easily get unmatched degreasing results, which will eventually make the area you clean look like brand new. Without this tool, it will require you to spend several hours just to scrub, wash and wipe the area. And, you also have to use harmful chemical degreasers that emit fumes that you can inhale.

However, you have to remember that you shouldn’t use cold water pressure washers to clean off oily or greasy deposits. Doing so will transform the grease or oily deposits into hard and waxy clumps, which are even harder to remove.

Your goal here is to soften, dissolve, and wash away grease particles easily. This is why you need a high-temperature pressure washer.  The high temperatures will eventually soften the grease and let you wash it off any surface easily.

Using cold water can work but only if you use high-quality degreasing solutions, which are quite expensive and emits harmful fumes.

If you plan on using chemical degreasers, it is important to choose green cleaners rather than the conventional chemical degreasers. Green chemical degreasers are a lot safer as they do not expose the users to harmful toxic chemical fumes.

Green chemical degreasers are very effective as its nano-sized micelles can penetrate grease deposits and break them up into millions of particles. It will also coat the grease particles with a chemical that prevents the grease from reattaching to the clean surface.

If it is possible, get high-temperature pressure washers and high-pressure washers. They are better at degreasing a surface and you will not be required to use chemical degreasers. You can consider getting a pressure washer that generates hot water with temperatures reaching up to 210 degrees Fahrenheit or a super hot steam pressure washer with steam temperatures that can reach up to 330 degrees Fahrenheit.

But, keep in mind that you will be working with very hot water temperature or superheated steam. This means that you still need to be extra careful when working with pressure washers like this as the heated water and superheated steam can burn your skin. Always wear protective clothing to prevent getting burned and always pay attention to what you’re doing.

As you can see, pressure washers that expel superheated steam or heated water work best for degreasing applications. It can instantly soften greasy and oily particles and let you wash it off easily. Whether you want to clean your grease-filled garage or your patio floor, you can easily do so with a high-temperature pressure washer.