The front of any construction, from a home to a public building, is made of several materials, including wood, cast, concrete, bricks, etc. The structural part is covered by several finishes that decorate the front itself, and the environment in general affects the materials in different ways.

The wind, the sunlight, the rain, the humidity, the snow… you name it. Everything leaves residues on the fronts and creates different consequences, such as deformation, emergence of bacteria colonies, fungi and other sources of health problems for those inhabiting the construction. Therefore, part of a front´s maintenancxe should be a periódical washing, but not any washing. It must be soft, in order to keep it in excellent conditions.

High pressure water can damage the fisishes. Yes, it would clean the front thoroughly, but wouldn´t only take away dirt, but also the finishes themselves. Besides, the use of chemicals to complete the process requires knowledge and experience, not only due to safey reasons, but for keeping the good shape an appearance of the construction.

Homes require soft washing for the health of the families, of course. But public buildings, such as churches, schools and all of the other institutional constructions are visited massively and, even in these cornavirus times, they must be washed. The arrival of summer also brings the increase of visitors to places such as restaurants and parks, for instance, so cleaning the fronts and walkways improves the safety against health issues.

Cleanliness is crucial for health and for good maintenance. Therefore, soft washing is the right solution.